Zoom - Holiday Maintenance Program

"Let's keep the momentum going, Coach!"

As the holiday season approaches, we're excited to introduce a special 4-Week Maintenance Program to help you maintain your fitness, strength, and progress.

This careful planning ensures you're ready to dive into our next challenge starting January 8th, without losing ground over the holidays.

📅 Holiday Maintenance Program Schedule:

Monday: Lower Body Blast 🦵
Tuesday: Upper Body Burn 💪
Thursday: Full Body Focus 💥

This phase is designed not only to help you sustain your fitness gains but also to provide the flexibility and balance needed during the holiday season.

It's our way of ensuring you enjoy this festive time while staying in great shape.

🕒 Class Schedule Details:

✅ The first 9 Live sessions will take place at 6:45am on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday until Dec 21st
✅ The last 3 sessions will take place at 6:45am on Dec 27th, Dec 28th and Dec 29th.
🛑 No 9:30am sessions

Watch Competition will continue for only another 3 weeks as we want to take time off competing to focus on a balanced, stress free approach over the holiday season.