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Transform Your Body After 35

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Your Blueprint for Sustainable Body Transformation

Our 35+ Metabolic Reset Method has helped 598+ career-driven women shed 10-20 lbs of fat in just 8-weeks, without joining a gym, giving up their favorite foods or feeling deprived.

Find a new routine that works for you, an airtight nutritional plan that will fix your metabolism, and a training program that will torch fat and rewrite your relationship with exercise. 


Metabolic Reset Method

We honor your individuality.

Our personalized coaching is tailored to fit your lifestyle, preferences, and unique journey in health and fitness.

Through regular check-ins, tailored video guidance, and our adaptable strategy, we'll collaboratively conquer your goals, guiding you towards lasting transformation and lifelong wellness.

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What's Included

1:1 Coaching

Work 1-on-1 with Coach Chris and Elle as they guide you through every step of your journey.

Weekly Check-Ins

Personalized video feedback responses to track progress, set goals, and stay accountable

Personalized Nutrition

Erase the uncertainty of what to eat and how much through your custom nutrition program.

Recipes & Macros

Access 200+ high protein recipes with flexible macro coaching tailored to fit your lifestyle and make healthy eating sustainable.

Workout Program

Effective workouts using minimal equipment. In the gym, your living room, or wherever works best for your situation.

24/7 Access

Any time you have a question, all you have to do is send a message and you’ll get a response right away or within a couple hours.

A Method Proven to Work

To change your body composition, education is not enough. You need an immersive environment that provides a proven process, accountability, community and expert mentorship.

Our unique 35+ Reset Metabolic Method combines expert coaching, personalized nutrition, and strategic workouts to help women over 40 achieve sustainable weight loss and rejuvenate their health and appearance.

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Transform Your Body After 35

Kind Words from Happy Clients

"Your program has changed my life and I will be forever grateful. What you have created is nothing short of genius and the two of you are an amazing team!"


"This program has found a secret sauce that no other gym, trainer, nutritionist or wellness coaches alone could ever replicate."


"It was remarkable. It was just mind blowing to me!"


"Chris & Elle pour so much love and enthusiasm into this program. It's obvious this comes from their hearts."


"Want to change your life? Then change your mindset. Signup for this program. You will never, ever regret it."


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