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Good news.
You never have to set foot in a gym again.

Join our 8-week online Lifestyle Reset Challenge and make workouts fun using exercises anyone can do at home.

Find a new routine that works for you, an airtight nutritional plan that will fix your metabolism, and a training schedule that will torch fat and rewrite your relationship with exercise.

Plus, we’ll even give you a reason to splurge on a new Apple Watch.

It’s not about

the gym.

It’s about

the coach.

Forget 80% of the tips and tricks you hear on podcasts – use the 20% that actually make the difference.

Meet the Team

Unless you live in major cities like New York or Toronto, it’s hard to find one-on-one coaching from the best in the world. That’s why Coach Chris is using this period to open up his 27+ years of top experience to people outside of his inner circle. 

This isn’t fitness advice from a random guy on Instagram. These are the exact same workout and nutritional strategies that Chris has used to train pro athletes and get Hollywood A-listers film-ready. 

So, if you want to look like a Marvel hero, now is finally your time. Look good naked (or in a cape), it’s your choice.

The Lifestyle Reset
'Four Essentials'


If you've tried before and failed, maybe you didn't have the right support.

Work together in small teams to nudge each other to succeed and rise up the league leaderboard. You’ll also be added to the private WhatsApp group and have a live team chat every week with Coach Chris. 

+ Scalable for all levels of fitness, no matter what your body shape and experience.

+ Create your own team of four (or we can pair you up with like-minded teammates who have similar goals).

+ Wellness gamified- score points and be held accountable to your teammates.

Weekly group Zoom calls with Coach Chris to troubleshoot and set future fitness goals.


Your body weight is more than enough, you just need to learn how to use it.

Our program is designed to help you make gains every single week. All you need is a spare 50 minutes and some basic weights.

+ Weekly check-ins with Coach Chris and Elle. 

+ Workout classes 5 days a week Monday - Friday plus unlimited on-demand training.

+ Workouts are scallable for all levels with progressions and modifications provided for all the moves.

+ Use your own dumbbells or do bodyweight alternatives for each exercise.



You can still eat the foods you love, if you know the strategies that work for you.

Get a menu plan and weekly shopping list tailored to your diet (vegan, Keto, Paleo, whatever) by our holistic nutritionist, Mellisa Ieraci. We literally tell you exactly what to eat and when for 8 weeks.

+ Kick off the challenge with a two-week nutrition plan that will fire up your metabolism and torch fat.

+ Shortly after move to a tailored plan with customized recipes specific for your body type.

+ Covers every meal including snacks, helping take away options and remove the guesswork.

+ Portion sizes, macronutrients and vitamin breakdowns for 60+ meals.


Use technology to motivate you to move more than you've ever moved in your life.

If you own an Apple Watch, we’ll set you a daily challenge and you’ll be able to see your progress in real-time. Track your heart rate performance, how many calories you burn, how many minutes you exercise, and how often you stand and move around.

+ Apple’s “close your rings” turns exercise from a chore into a challenge. 

+ Earn points for burning calories, moving around, and exercise duration.

+ Battle it out for top place against other teams participating in the Apple Watch competition.

+ Using wearables for eight weeks will help to forever break previous habits.

+ Prizes for the most dramatic male and female transformations!

This isn’t just
a fitness program.
It’s a lifestyle reset.

The Next 8-Week Challenge Starts Sept 17th, 2022.

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Lifestyle Reset Challenge

Lifestyle Reset Challenge

Per Month
This is our white-glove option for people that are brand new to our community and have never participated in one of our challenges. This proven method combines Coach Chris’ training program with nutrition education and supplement support in order to provide you with everything you need to make a dramatic transformation. You’ll also have direct access to ask the coaches questions via a private group chat and you'll be able to schedule one-on-one 'check-in' calls to ask questions and to keep you accountable.

What's included in this 8-Week Program: 

  • 40 Workout Sessions (50 mins each) 
  • One-on-one coaching calls
  • Weekly Nutrition Coaching Videos
  • On-Demand Workouts & Education
  • Recipes with Shopping List Downloads
  • Gamification Included (not mandatory)
  • Accountability Partners (not mandatory)
  • Join the Private Group Chat
**Participating in the Apple Watch competition is not mandatory.
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Inner Circle Challenge

Inner Circle Challenge

Per Month


This advanced option is ONLY for our inner circle community that has already taken a challenge or has previously trained with us online. With this, you have the option to participate in the Apple Watch competition or opt-out of the competition and just participate in the workouts only.Since we use both Zoom and Vimeo, you have the option to be visible during the live workouts or you can follow along with your camera off. Workout replays are uploaded to our library after the class ends for you to follow along at your convenience.

What's included in this 8-Week Program: 

  • 40 ZOOM Workout Sessions (50 mins each)
  • Live Classes Monday - Friday 6:45am & 9:30am
  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls
  • On-Demand Nutrition Videos
  • Gamification Included (not mandatory)
  • Accountability Partners (not mandatory)
  • Join the Private Group Chat
  • Replay Send Out Right After Class
**Participating in the Apple Watch competition is not mandatory.
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