VIMEO Workouts Only

This is the most cost effective option for fitness enthusiasts who just want to workout live with Coach Chris and Elle. Since this is a 1-Way Livestream, the coaches will not be able to see you in real-time which means they will not be able to offer form corrections. If you just want to experience their high-energy signature workouts, then this option is for you! 

What's included in this 8-Week Program: 

  • 1-Way Livestream Workouts
  • 10 Live Class Options Per Week
  • Monday - Friday 6:45am & 9:30am
  • Replay & On-Demand Workouts
  • Nutrition Coaching Not Included
  • Gamification Not Included 

**Apple Watch is not required.

** Discounts and Promotional offers not applicable for the 8 week subscription payment option.