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Article: The New Fountain of Health and Well Being

The New Fountain of Health and Well Being

The New Fountain of Health and Well Being

Hormone Therapy 

Hormone therapy has so many benefits, from reducing risks of age-related diseases and promoting healthy hearts to increased weight loss with exercise. It protects long-term health and results show significant beneficial changes in lean soft tissue and fat mass. 

Estrogen is a type of hormone therapy that positively affects the development of women’s brains in regions that are crucial to higher cognitive functions, such as memory, sexual behaviour, communication, and learning. It helps patients reduce risks of premature menopause in women as well. 

Testosterone replacement therapy for men helps maintain and increase muscle strength and mass, fat distribution, and bone density. As men age their testosterone levels gradually decrease, so TRT may be beneficial and promotes youth.

Thyroid hormones on the other hand help your body burn fat while also providing you with more energy. It helps burn fat even when you’re not physically active. These hormones promote better muscle build instead of fat, better rest and sleep at night and increased libido. 

Agnes Lussier- Dow is a certified health care nurse practitioner with over 25 years of experience in high stress and occupational health care environments and is our expert  on the 8-week Body Rest challenge.