Cannabinoid Medicine to Supplement your Wellness Journey

CBD and Recovery

Working out may cause a lot of physical stress and exhaustion on the body, no matter how fit you are, sometimes your body just feels drained. CBD contains a lot of anti-inflammatory properties that help to fight post-workout inflammation and stress, improving soreness and mobility after a hard, long day of exercise. Not only does it support muscle and joint recovery but it also improves sleep and better sleep leads to better gains. With progress comes rest which leads to better conditions for recovery, better moods, mental health and a more motivated individual. 

Mental health and fitness go hand and hand. The more active you are the better you feel. The better you feel the better you look. 

Dr. Blake Pearson is our in house speaker on Cannabinoids and has helped educate and train over 1000 fellow practitioners around the world on cannabinoid medicine, treating patients with a range of conditions. Dr. Pearson has motivated participants to start using Cannabinoid medicine to supplement their wellness journey and the feedback has been very positive.

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