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Elle Daftarian


Elle Daftarian is not just a serial entrepreneur and a devoted mother to two beautiful girls; she is a beacon of inspiration and guidance for women over 35 navigating the intricate world of health and fitness. Elle's journey into coaching was serendipitous, sparked by her transformative experience with her husband and business partner, Chris. After years of battling the ups and downs of yo-yo dieting and trendy workouts, Elle discovered the keys to sustainable success in fitness and nutrition.

Now in her mid-forties, Elle embodies the very essence of a life well-balanced, marrying fitness with fulfillment. She understands the unique struggles that women over 35 face - the quest for a program that resonates with their lifestyle and doesn't restrict their joy. Her mission is rooted in empathy and empowerment, guiding women to unlock a lifestyle that is not only effective in yielding permanent results but also one that they genuinely love and embrace.

Elle's approach is deeply personal and tailored, reflecting her own journey to wellness. She is dedicated to helping women break free from the constraints of fleeting fitness fads and diets, instead leading them to a path of lasting change, self-love, and vibrant living. Elle is more than a coach; she's a trusted ally in the pursuit of health and happiness, inspiring women to rediscover themselves and their potential in their mid thirties and beyond.