FLVC Tonic

A carefully balanced fulvic + humic blend, our alkalized liquid Tonic drops are great for those looking to maintain their overall sense of well being, with a daily dose of 200 mg. 

What does our Tonic do?               
Alkalizes the Body  
+ Support Intestinal Health 
+ Support Glowing Skin   
+ Increase Energy Flow  
+ Increase Collagen Production  
+ Anti-bloating + Anti-inflammatory  

Recommended Use: Add 2 full droppers to purified water. Use daily for optimal health.     

Key Components:  
+ Amino + Nucleic Acids
+ Peptides
+ Iron
+ Zinc  
+ Magnesium   
+ Pre + Probiotics

Ingredients: Organic fulvic and humic acid, purified water.   
Fulvic acid has no flavour. It is dark in colour and may stain. Avoid spills on light coloured clothing. Our tonic is alkaline at a PH of 8.