8-Week Lifestyle Reset

The 8-Week Lifestyle Reset is fo people that are serious about their health and want to experience a dramatic transformation. The program combines Coach Chris’ athletic training method with nutrition education and supplement support. You’ll also have direct access to ask the coaches questions via a private WhatsApp chat.

Since we use Zoom, you have the option to be visible during workouts which enables the coaches to call out your name and offer form correction. However, if you prefer not to be seen, you also have the option to participate with your camera off. Workout replays are sent out immediately after the class ends for you to follow along at your convenience.

What's included in this 8-Week Program: 

  • 40 ZOOM (50 min) Workout Sessions 
  • Live Classes Monday - Friday 6:50am & 9:30am
  • Replay Send Out Right After Class
  • Weekly Nutrition Coaching Videos
  • On-Demand Workouts & Education  
  • Gamification Included (not mandatory)
  • Accountability Partners (not mandatory)
  • Join the Private WhatsApp Group Chat
  • Recipes with Shopping List Downloads 

**Participating in the Apple Watch competition is not mandatory.

** Discounts and Promotional offers not applicable for the 8 week subscription payment option.