1-Way Lifestyle Reset

This option is for participants that want to experience the Lifestyle Reset Program at a more affordable rate. You'll have access to the exact content and will be able to participate in all the live workouts. Since this is a 1-Way Livestream, the coaches will not be able to see you and correct your form. If you're self motivated and like to keep your camera off, this option is for you! 
What's included in this 8-Week Program: 
  • 1-Way Livestream Workouts 
  • 10 Live Class Options Per week
  • Monday - Friday 6:50am & 9:30am
  • Replay & On-Demand Workouts
  • Replay Nutrition Coaching Calls
  • Gamification Included (not mandatory)
  • Recipes with Shopping Lists
  • Replay Zoom Coaching Calls
**Participating in the Apple Watch competition is not mandatory.