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It's a lifestyle reset.

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Our Team

Chris Smits   Head Coach / Founder

Chris is an elite trainer and high-performance coach. He has appeared on numerous Canadian television shows as a fitness expert and has graced the cover of Maximum Fitness Magazine a global fitness publication. He holds an NSCA certification for over 20 years, and through his accreditation he began working with and coaching NHL, Olympic and other professional athletes. He has since coached and trained over 200 NHL hockey players, world champion boxer, models and A-list celebrities. Chris is passionate about helping people achieve their fitness goals in a healthy and meaningful way.

Elle Daftarian   Creative Director / Founder

Elle is the creative director and founder of the Inner Circle. She has a background in events, brand building and marketing. She is also the creative director & managing partner of i over k visual storytelling. If you ask her she will tell you her most important role is being a mom to her daughters Liv & Sophia. Elle has a love for fitness and is very passionate about helping people feel their best.

Andrew Baker   Personal Trainer/Strength Coach

Andrew is a transformation specialist. Over the last 7 years in the industry, Andrew has worked with high level athletes at both the professional and collegiate level, as well as every day personal training clients looking to make a positive change in their life. Athlete or not, Andrew’s principles remain the same and his unwavering approach and dedication to his clients results is what sets him apart. A lifelong learner, Andrew has made the commitment to himself to seek out and learn from some of the greatest minds in the industry in his continuous pursuit of knowledge. Andrew believes that everyone is capable of transforming themselves for the better, and it is his lifelong mission to show that to as many people as he can. 

Melissa Ieraci, RHN RNCP   Sports Nutrition Specialist

Melissa has been a part of the health and wellness industry since 2008. After encountering years of chronic disease due to nutrition and lifestyle choices, she decided to choose a more preventative route. She deepened her knowledge of nutrition after attending the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. Now, Melissa works with clients to empower them to achieve optimal wellness and become the best version of themselves. Melissa uses holistic nutrition, which addresses all aspects of the individual--mind and body, with a personalized plan and ongoing support.

Melissa specializes in digestion, hormone support and body transformations. She maintains her nutrition consulting business and is the Territory Manager of a leading Nutraceutical company and instructs at the Mississauga branch of The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.