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Chris Smits


Coach Chris Smits' journey into the world of fitness and coaching is more than a profession; it's a heartfelt mission, deeply rooted in a personal and emotional life experience. Growing up, Chris was inspired by his mother, who instilled in him the joy of being healthy and active and the importance of helping others. Tragically, his mother, who struggled with weight management, lost her life in an accident. This pivotal moment in Chris' life steered him towards becoming a coach, a path he chose to honor her memory and legacy.

With over three decades of elite training and high-performance coaching, Chris has made an indelible mark in the fitness industry. He has appeared as a fitness expert on numerous Canadian television shows and graced the cover of Maximum Fitness Magazine. His expertise is backed by an NSCA certification and a distinguished career coaching over 200 professional athletes, including NHL players, Olympic athletes, world champion boxers, models, and A-list celebrities.

However, it was his "aha" moment, a realization drawn from his vast experience, that led him to specialize in helping women over 35. Chris recognized the unique challenges and aspirations this demographic faces in their fitness journey. He understood that what his mother needed most was what many women over 35 also seek: empowerment, guidance, and a sustainable approach to health and fitness.

Chris's coaching philosophy transcends the conventional boundaries of physical training. It's about nurturing a sustainable and healthy lifestyle, building confidence, and celebrating the innate strength of women. His empathetic and personalized approach to coaching reflects his deep commitment to helping women thrive, not just in their fitness goals but in all aspects of wellness.

For Chris, coaching is more than a profession; it's a way to keep his mother's spirit alive, helping women over 35 discover the joy and fulfillment in being active and healthy – a tribute to the greatest mom a kid could ask for.